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February 08, 2008



You have another vote for McCain/Kasich 2008.

He is strong where McCain is weak -- age, knowledge of economic issues, and conservative credentials. He also has synergy with McCain in that both want to reduce the size of government and have a bit of a maverick streak in them.

Kasich is by far the best choice in my mind.


I am a huge Kasich fan. He is big in Columbus and will carry Ohio and probably Pennsylvania.

He is a great candidate for VP.


I would love to see John Kasich as his vp. How can we get this done?

Karen Sellars

Let's do it.


I am happy to see this site because I have been suggesting Kasich for several months. My case is that he is knowledgeable about economics and the federal budget, he is experienced as an elected official (and chair of the House Budget Committee), is very well-spoken, youthful without being too young, not tied to the recent congresses or current administration, and well-liked in an important swing state. Case closed!


To me Kasich is a no brainer for McCain's VP for the reasons stated in the other posts. He can hold his own with anyone and would bring much needed energy and enthusiasm to McCain's campaign, not to mention his ability to help McCain in the Midwest. Why is he not mentioned more often?


Kasich would be a smarter strategic choice than Romney. Kasich would strengthen McCain in the Midwest and also be received well in the South.

Big Dan

Kasich, yes, a choice that makes so much sense. No other Republican out there in my view could appeal better to the Reagan Democrats and Independents, exactly the people McCain has to win to beat Obama. Why aren't we hearing more about him?

Could it be a good sign, though, that McCain is set to make his announcement next week in Dayton, Ohio?


Karren...are you from Texas?!

Conventional Wisdom

ehm.. awfully silent here Mike. I'm guessing there must not be much to say considering the train wreck of a ticket the Republicans have..

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