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January 04, 2007



Only Allah knows.

John Foster

We don't need a president who is honest about making terrible mistakes. Cocaine use is serious business and, given how addictive it is, a seriously stupid decision to make. I don't want someone who has made that stupid decision to be making decisions for me. Here's a novel idea; let's elect a candidate who was smart enough to avoid cocaine. Let's elect an experienced candidate who stands up for the constitution and who favors small government by and for the people. Obama is so inexperienced he thought Canada had a president and not a prime minister. I'll be voting for Ron Paul. The revolution starts now.

steve  High Ridge, MO

I don't know if Obama can win but I know he will lose. If the whiney democrats nominate him for president he will lose big time in November to the Republicans. He said he took cocaine anytime he could afford it but explained it away by saying even though he wanted to try heroin, he decided against it. Face it, whiney democrats, the only people that can beat the republicans is Clinton. But maybe you democrats would rather whine than win.

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