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August 21, 2004


Jonathan Levy


Jonathan Levy here. So glad to have stumbled upon this site on 3/5/05.

I was a camper between 1972 to 1981 and a counselor between 1983-1985. Now I am 38 years old. I live in Los Angeles with my wife Nadine and two daughters Sarah (4) and Hannah (1). I guess Kohut going co-ed is a good thing at least for my family with girls only. I am an attorney who used to specialize in sports stadium/arena construction and now own my own construction management firm working on all types of projects from sports facilities to educational/college facilities to commercial offices and so on.

My brother, Dr. Kenneth Levy, is a neuropsychiatrist in Philadelphia and has a lovely wife Jenifer - no kids yet.

I remain very friendly with some of my past Kohutians from back in the day including Gary Nusbaum (living and working in New York City), Rob Lenner (living and working in Westin, Florida) and a few others. You really need to chat with Gary Nusbaum who appears to keep in contact or at least is aware of many, many alums.

In any event, very glad to see this site and would be more than excited about a 100 year anniversary reunion if possible.

Stay in touch.

Jonathan Levy

jeff rattay

Greetings. I was the head baseball counsellor at Kohut from 1972-77. A lot of great memories. These were my summers while a student at the University of Dayton and graduate school at the University of Cincinnati. I am presently living in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a 'retired' high school history teacher, where I taught for twenty years in Cincinnati before moving in 1996. I would love to hear from any of the former campers who remember me. I recently e-mailed John Levy. We had a lot of fun on the diamonds. Ed Trenner sent me a letter years ago telling me that Charlie Napoli passed away. I wonder what happened to Scott Messing who worked the theatre? Also Stuart from programming? I have a great memory if you want to know how wild you really were at camp. I remain very involved with baseball. I have coached teams to 7 World series titles in amateur baseball and have coached a lot of kids who have gone on to play in the pros. My nephew Tim Rattay, by the way, is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Let me know how you're doing.

David Caddick

I found this site by accident!! I was theatre director 1976-78 - remeber Frisby on the Roof, Sandy in Wonderland etc. Great to see Jeff is still well - Scott Messing is Profess at Alma Mich, Stu Schwartz still in Philly. Hope to hear from some of you alumni who remeber the Trenner days at KK

Jonathan Cohen

Hi, I was at Kohut for one happy summer in 1967. I would love to hear from any of my camp contemporaries, especially Tony Ross, Richie Grossman, David Katz, Jim Reeves, or anyone who remembers me.

I live in Palo Alto, California. I'm married for 20+ years and have a 21-year old son who is a student at UC Davis. I've worked in the computer software business for 25 years.


Jonathan "Jon" Cohen

Alan Greenberg

My Name is Alan Greenberg and I was a kamper from 1970-1974. I vaguely remember Jeff Ratay (baseball was not my strong suit) but I do remember John Hopkins who ordered the kids baseball gloves from Finland. Orange, red, and oddly shaped. I remember such staff legends as Marc and Richie Grossman, Bart Wynam and the British invasion featuring Stuart Jardine, Alan Henderson and the Kennedy brothers Ian and Callum. Ed Trenner was the best and he helped me get my act together. My kamping career culminated with being a College Days Captain in 1974 (Villanova Wildcats). I have recently started visiting Kamp every summer with my family. I have learned of famous alums, David Faber (cnbc) and Peter Mehlman (Seinfeld). I remember Jon Fink as being on the tripping staff (not acid). I believe there is a 100 year anniversary being planned and I would love to hear from any kampers or counselors from the early 1970's. I remember WKKG 1220 on your am dial. I could go on and on, but Kohut brings back great memories.

Alan Greenberg

Lisa Tripler

Lisa Tripler would like to get access to these KK comments. How can she get connected?

Larry Goldman

I first started working on the kitchen crew in 1967. My dad knew Benny Friedman. The next year I ran the laundry, then headed the kitchen crew. My last two years at Kohut (early 70's) I was the counselor for the youngest boys. We bunked in Andover. I now live in Los Angeles, married with two grown kids and afer a long career in entertainment public relations and marketing, I am now in TV production. My years at Kohut were incredible and I will never forget them. I particularly remember the mornings around the flag pole and wondering what would be flying at the top before the flag went up.

Dan Leav

I stumbled across this site today. I was a camper (known then as "Danny")from 1976 to 1982. My younger brother Peter was a camper from 1979 to 1982.

I vividly recall the summer of 1982 - I was a second year senior and was disheartened to arrive at camp only to find out that there were less than 100 campers. The Kohut "group" that Ed Trenner had put together was mostly gone by then and Malcolm Itkin was trying to move the camp the forward. Later that summer after Malcolm defaulted on payments owed to Ed Trenner - Ed had Malcolm physically removed from the camp. Most of us were happy Ed was back, but recognized that the ggreat camp we knew was essentailly finished.

The only Kohut alumni who I have contact with now is Cliff Freeman - who was also a fraternity brother of mine at Lafayette College. I know that basketball coach Paul Coughter (1980, 1981?) is now the head coach for the Lebanese national basketball team soon to play in the World Championships in Europe.

I am married with two kids and live on Long Island with a law practice in Manhattan.

Great memories of Kohut....

Caroline Boggs

Hello! So glad to see a Kohut page in action! I am a former counselor (5 summers!) and am now planning our CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION happening this summer! The dates are August 18-20th and there are still open spots for the event! If you are interested, please visit the Kohut webpage and submit your information on the Centennial page! It should be great fun, and a great opportunity to see old friends!

Buzz Tenenbom

Kamper during Benny Friedman time -- I was a kamper (yes, with a K) and counselor from about 1956 to about 1964. (After Kohut, I worked at Camp Robin Hood for two years in New Hampshire -- didn't compare!) I was tapped to the "Kohut Pines" (We were hazed for one day to pass the initiation -- for example, I wasn't allowed to talk, others had to hop around in burlap sacks -- it was some sort of honor service club). I learned how to develop film and print, shoot a 22 rifle, water ski, and do judo while there. I also learned about snipe hunting late at night. We had dances with nearby girls camps such as Fernwood. As a counselor, I worked directly for Benny Friedman, who had played football and was my father's college roommate, at Univ of Michigan in the leather helmet days. We went to Old Orchard on our days off. My name is even on one of those boards in the Rec Hall, and I verified that about 20 years ago on a short visit there (impressed my girlfriend! - I always thought I got that honor so Benny could use me to recruit more Florida kids!). I still remember the boards in the Rec Hall telling about how the unusual Northern Lights were predicting bad times (WWI and WWII). While I was a counselor, I taught waterskiing and had a kind of secret girlfriend on the lake -- it was heaven! We had two boats, including an old classic wood inboard Chris Craft. I made a slalom course and we had tournaments with other camps. The camp was very sports minded, especially with Benny Friedman as owner, who has recently (last year) been elected posthumusly to the NFL Football Hall of Fame. (I'm glad for him -- he always felt unappreciated by Football, and died unhappily in NYC). I would love to hear from some of the guys from Boston, Jerry Sack and Jeff Kosow, who I met while there, or anyone else who might remember. I talk about the camp all the time to my kids, now 12 and 14, remembering especially how College Days "broke" -- especially one time, after the counselors were saying over and over that it was cancelled, that suddenly horses ran through the camp at dawn with someone blowing "charge" on an army bugle. I remember how always College Days came to be decided on the final night, on the song and cheer fest. Because of Kohut, I can still sing every college fight song there is!! Kinda' weird, but fun. I always thought I should buy the camp as I am really a camp kind of guy at heart. However, I am now an architect and builder in Seattle. Thanks.

Thad Linton

Danny Greene goes by "Dan" now, but he'll always be "Danny" to us. He went to Columbia University, where he majors in Urban Studies. In early 1998, he got together with Josh Zemel and Eli Cohen.

I was a counselor during the summer of 1988. Danny, Josh, and Eli were in my group. I was also in charge of the theater productions that summer.

I bombed the first four weeks with Treasure Island, then went out with a bang during the last four weeks by writing a 3 act play from scratch, and giving parts to about 50 boys. I gave lead roles to many who had never been on stage before.

I live in Indianapolis with my wife Debbie and our 8 year old son, Hunter.

I trade stocks and am active in church and community.

I would love to hear from anyone from the Summer of '88.

Kevin E Perkins

Yes,I stumbled onto this site looking up Malcolm Itkin and feeling a little bit nostaljic thinking about Kamp Kohut. I was a kitchen counselor during the summers of 84' and 85'.I now work at Central Maine Power as a Substation Technician.I live in Lewiston Maine with my wife Mary and Beautiful daughter Whitney.I really enjoyed the times spent at the kamp and getting to know the kids as well as the "Brits" couselors from over seas aswell as the locals. We had a lot of fun times at Just Friends when all of the camps counselors would get together to get toasted. I really enjoyed the fact the Kamp Kohut had such an extensive history. I saw that Jon Levy had found the site. Jon if you read this , Wasn't it you that listened to the Three Fat Boys? I would love to hear from anyone that was there during the summers of 84' and 85'.I was the one that was rushed of to the hospital with an allergic reaction to a bee sting,that was loads of fun I really wish that I could remember some of the kids names but if you remember my saying "Gucking Fumby" , for which I was spoken to by more then one parent and Malcolm for getting all of the kids to say it aswell. Malcolm NOW theres another story. I really liked Malcolm because he told you as it was and I thougfht that he was great to work for(even if he did crash my motorcycle). Take care all you ex kampers and kounselors. I will try to make it to the Centenial Celebration. All the best you Gucking Fumbys------Kevin E Perkins

Manfred Sternberg

Hi, Just went to the 100th year celebration at Kamp. I was a kamper from '68 to '74, and a counselor from '82-'85 and now a father from 2005 till. Would love to talk to anyone from kamp. Email me. manfred@msternberg.com

Andy Hardt

After 23 years I just met up again with Richard Liddington during his holiday in the States. For whatever reasons, I never thought of "Googling" Kamp Kohut all these years. The names of the Levy brothers, Jeff Clowes, Rob Lenner, and of course Malcom Itkin, who hired me for the summer of '83. It's difficult to think of Kohut as a co-ed camp, especially with fond memories of the British counselors down the shoreline at Fernwood. I recall the Gold Card Club (prestigious at the time), the Polar Bear Club, T.I.E. (Take It Easy), N.T.B. (Not Too Bright), a crazy Scotsman named Brian, and I think the infamous Sasha Bauer in my very own cabin. I was a waterski counselor (only skied once before camp unbeknownst to Malcom) until I put a hole in the new boat, a photography counselor with Richard, and a basketball counselor with or after a guy named Scott? Eventually I graduated from Grove City College (PA) with mediocre grades but ended up an Air Traffic Controller with the FAA. I live in Amherst, Ohio, and am married with two boys (15 & almost 12). Email me at hardt@eriecoast.com. Wow...the photos of Kohut look like the color slides I took 23 years ago :-) Andy

Neil Gluckman

Neil Gluckman here. I was a Kamper from 74-80 skipping only 1976. My brother Adam and I have meny memories of Kohut. While I took more trips he excelled in sports. I have always wondered what happened to my bunkmates Johnny Lidz, Mike Meyers, Greg Astrachan. I see Doug Besterman's name from time to time in the Theatre listings winning another Tony for Orchestration.

After Kohut I became heavily involed in theatre. I graduated in 1987 from Kenyon College with a degree in Drama and in 1992 I received my MFA from the Yale School of Drama in Technical Design and Production. In 94 I relocated to Atlanta where I worked on the Olympics at Centennial Park, the site of the 96 bombing. Currently I run the Atlanta Local of the Stagehands Union (IATSE). I am married to a lovely lawyer, Wendy and have two children, Eric (6) and Emily (1).

My mother, who passed in 94, saved many things from my childhood including the Kamp books that we got each summer with photos of our bunkmates, activities and counselors. I will see if I can dig thse out and, if there is interest, I can send those pictures along to post.

Scott Rubin

Hello to all my fellow Kamp Kohut alumni. Wow, it has been many years since I have been on the grounds of Oxford Maine, and miss them, oh so much. A little about what I have been up to... I recently got married in NYC on Nov. 4th 2006. I currently live in Manhattan and work as a Senior Relationship Manager for Julius Baer Investment Management, LLC. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the U. of Albany in 1998 with a degree in Finance and earned my MBA from Fordham University this past August 2006.
Kohut was a big part of my childhood; I was a camper from 1983 - 1992. At the time, I was the youngest camper to attend for the full 8 week session at just 6 years old... Looking back, my parents must really have wanted to honeymoon in the summers. After my 10 year tenure, I was a counselor for 5 subsequent years at one of Fred Greenberg's other camps, Timber Ridge in West Virginia. It was a great time, but could not compare to the beautiful grounds at Kohut set on a lake like no other.
In reviewing the blogs above, I see there are many familiar names. It would be great if we could all meet up again.
It is great to see that Brian London is reaching out to us to dig up our time capsule!! I am curious if it is still there... Get this, I still talk to Sean Elias, he was at my wedding and is living in one of Trump's buildings in NYC. He is a Real Estate Developer and graduated from U. of Miami.

Jason Rubin

Wow, Kamp Kohut, those two words bring back so many memories: OOB, College Days, friends, counselors, and of course Malcolm. My brother Scott told me about this site because his father in-law, who coincidently was a Kohut camper, stumbled across it when he found out we all went there. It really is a small world. Has anyone heard from Stan Fenton? Anyway, it is great to see all the names of campers I remember. Well enough about nostalgia, here's a little personal info. I graduated St. John's University with a B.S. in Pharmacy in 1997. I moved to Sarasota Fl, met my wife, and married in 2000. We have two beautiful kids Cayla(4), and Garrett (6months). I am currently involved in a corporate training program with Walgreens and look to be promoted anytime soon. I would love to hear from other campers who went to Kohut from '83-'92. It would be great if we could put a together a reunion in the near future.

Evan Nadel

Evan Nadel here. I was a camper from about 1979 to 1984. Jon Levy was my counselor in Hopkins my last summer there. Josh Rifkin was in my bunk a few summers. Great kid. Made a mean tape mix. Anyone know what happened to him? Jared Selter was in that bunk too.
When I started, it was Malcolm's first year running the place wihout Ed. Everyone told me how much better it used to be when Ed was there. I vaguely remember Malcolm getting dragged out and a brief flicker of hope that Ed would come back for good and restore the old times. I also remember Sascha Bauer but never realized his dad bought him the place as a bar mitzvah gift. That year there was a South American camper named Pablo who cursed in Spanish that whole summer. I learned "mama la pinga" and other greats from him.
My brother Phil spent a summer or two at Kohut. He was in Penn with Jon Levy.
The last Kohut event I did was a Colorado ski trip led by Cliff Enten. Ted from Rye was there, as well as the two redheaded brothers from Rye--the Newmans? Great trip, except Cliff was done telling "Twilight Zone" stopries by then.
I'm bummer I missed the reunion.
Like everyone else, I went to Penn for college (94), then NYU for law school (97), and now practice in SF.

Evan Nadel

Addendum: I just remembered some other great Kohut experiences: morning camp assemblies and Charlie Napoli announcing a "red letter day"; later I think Johnny Aldridge, a great Brit counselor, led those assemblies; all-camp campfires behind the theater building and the unveiling of the Kohut theme song ("...oh, Kohut we hold very dear, to bring us back anbother year"); pizza day for lunch every other Wednesday (?) and getting a bottle of Coke instead of bug juice; lining up to go to "canteen" on Sunday nights and getting a candy bar; end of the summer trip to Old Orchard Beach; and figuring out that overnight camping and canoeing trips were the best way to get better food!

Rick Friedman

I just stumbled on this site. It has brought back so many great memories. I was at Kohut from 1972-1978. I can still getting up in the morning to the ringing of the bell. Red letter days, Charlie Napoli, Dave Tager, Ed and Noreen "Trailer", Kollege Days. Does anyone remember "War of the Worlds" or "Zork Days"? How about the "bubble"? I still have one of my old Kohut shirts, and my old camp address book is filled with names like Jon Fink, Fernando Carriquiri, Dave Baker,Rick Boles, Dave Baily, and campers named Jeff Morse, Itchy Warshaw, Rich Saperstein, and George Kotick(RIP).
I would love to connect with any Kohut alumni. I am living in Tucson, AZ with my wife Diana, and 2 kids, ages 6 & 3. My wife and I own a Personal Training business and I also work as a fitness instructor at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort.
Rick (Ricky) Friedman

Gavin Boyd

Hi just stumbled across this. I was an Arts & Craft Counsellor in the summer of 1975. Dan Yerman, Don Youtz a few names I remember after all this time. I was an student at Leeds College of Art in England at that time. Visited the US many times since then. Met up with Dan Yerman who was then living in Florida. Don Youtz the handsome tennis coach came to visit while I lived in London.
Now living in Newcastle, Ireland married to Angie a fellow Interior Designer and 2 sons aged 13 & 15. Would love to hear from any of the crew. What was the name of the pub we escaped to once a week? And what happened to Steve the Golf counsellor from UK. he had the best job in camp. Dan Murphy my fellow craft councellor I last saw when I went to Ann Arbour on a visit he was designing and living a art deco life.
Get in touch anyone who remembers me teaching to tie dye, make candles, draw and make pots.
Regards, slainte'

Gavin Boyd

Dan Yerman

Oh My God!! I guess the internet is good for something. I was the Radio Counselor in the summer of 75. I hadn't thought about Kamp Kohut in a long long time. I still have the Red Sweater with the Kamp Kohut - Staff printed on the front. A little worse for wear, but still in the drawer. Remember how cold it got in August!!August!! I remember the beautiful nighttime skies where you could star gaze practilly back to the begining of time. I remember heading out on one of our days off and going to the nearest Mountain and attempting to climb Mt. Washington. It was much colder at the top than the bottom. It was a very good time. I remeber Gavin and a few others. But, I haven't kept in touch. I live in florida now, and build set for some of the local theatres.

Dan Yerman

Don Youtz

I remember so much about my summers at Kohut that it startles me. I saw Gavin Boyd's kind and flattering comments about me. I remember fondly my visit to England, where I visited Gavin Boyd, Myles Collett, and Steve Laws. It was great to see them again in 1979.(all Alums from Kohut around 1974 and 1975.) It is so cool that Lisa Tripler has purchased Kohut. I have warm memories of Lisa and her parents. I promise to add more later. I would love to attend a reunion.

Don Youtz

dean gitter

I was a camper from 1940 through 1949! I was, at the time I began, the youngest camper in the history of Kohut, having not yet passed my sixth birthday. I see from the blogs on this site that there are few of us dinosaurs contributing to your alumni news.

Let me share some information with you. I began in Bunk D ( and moved on the next summer to the other side of this long structure, Bunk Doube D.

I recently met my 1941 bunkmate, Wally Sisson at a Harvard 50th reunion.I guess I've known him longer than anyone else on the planet.

Our counselor that first year was named Stanley Futterman. I remember him first for a perpetually silly grin. I remember also one morning when I was awake before reveille and started talking with the occupant of the next cot. We woke Futterman up and our punishment was to stand with our arms outstretched to the side, each weighted down with one of Futterman's enormous shoes until the bugle sounded. Though it was only for a few minutes it was excruciating.

The history of the camp was recorded and displayed on giant plaques hung near the ceiling in the rec hall. They began in 1911 and the latest was hung no more than two years after the close of the summer it recorded.

I was there for the entire Second World War, so I can attest that it was not in any way a "training camp." But, by 1942, when it was possible either that we would be invaded by Germany or that the war would go on for so long that we would eventually all be drafted, Mickie Contini and Packy Contini,his brother, who were head counselors for the intermediates and juniors respectively, built a rifle range in the woods west of camp almost to what we called Sandy Beach. Every camper, no matter his age, learned to shoot a rifle.

Other campers of that era whose names I remember were Burt and Hal Schneider whose family ran Columbia Pictures and provided us every year with a 16mm print of King Kong and other movies.Through them, there was a different film every Saturday night, but the annual showing of King Kong was always the season's highlight. Lee Rosenberg, who became a literary agent in Hollywood, Mickie Fugash, who also ended up in Hollywood; a fellow whose name I forget but who ended up as head of New York City's MTA.

Mac McCormick was a towering white-haired figure throughout my days at Kohut who served as head counselor. I man of infinite jest and warm spirits.

The camp in those days was somehow affiliated with the Columbia Grammar School, from whose faculty many of the senior counselors were drawn. My favorite was "Doc" Beane who ran the summer's drama program - which was splendid. There were two or three major productions every summer. Doc became my special friend and had me on a stage in my second summer at the age of six. It was a case of infant damnation and my love-affair with the theater lasted until I was almost thirty.

Doc never wore shoes from the first day of camp to the last; was the best horse-shoe pitcher in camp and a ferocious checkers player. I loved him as a father since my own was off for the duration in the Navy.
He taught English at Columbia Grammar and told me he was from Tennessee and had memorized the entire text of Scott's "Lady of the Lake" while following "the east end of a mule heading west" while plowing.

During the period when I was there, there was little doubt that Kohut was the finest Kamp in Maine and we were the luckiest campers on the east coast. Fernwood was our sister camp and we were allowed one dance per summer. It always took place at Fernwood and was minutely supervised. The idea of Kohut as a coed facility is too bizarre for me to contemplate.

I've gone on too long, but couldn't resist after I found the site, as my years at Kohut were more important for me than all the years I spent in grades K through 12.It was a very special place.

One word about Harry Kugel: he was a distant little man who seemed to serve no purpose all week long until Saturday mornings. At that point, he became a giant and single-handedly conducted the compulsory sabbath service in both English and Hebrew.
The experience, over the nine years I spent at Kohut, left me with a lifelong search for a way to connect with God. Thank you, Harry Kugel, wherever you are.


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