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April 28, 2004



Addicted to Alias, love the ass-kicking. And though I agree about the 80s, why specifically 1987?


Re #9: View From the Wing (http://www.webflyer.com/blog/).


Karol -- Thanks.

Esther -- where to begin? La Bamba, With or Without You, Luka, Touch of Grey, Mandolin Rain, La Isla Bonita, Walk Like an Egyptian, True Colors, Only In My Dreams, Where The Streets Have No Name, Livin' on a Prayer, Touch Me, Never Say Goodbye, Where's the Party, Jacob's Ladder, The Lady in Red. That's just off the top of my head. Just look at the 1987 Billboard chart in the iTunes music story.

Also, thanks for reading.


A boy, huh? Can't wait to read the; About a Man post ;)


Can't wait to read it either, Ari. On your blog.


What years were you at Kamp Kohut? I was a counselor there in 1978 (got stuck with the nickname "Hockey Man" for running the street hockey program). I just dropped my daughter off there yesterday to begin her Kohut years and happened across your blog. -Scott Williams


Scott, who is your daughter.. I was just at Kohut first session for my 5th year--Liza


Dear Liza, My daughter's name is Meg. She is in Oxford as part of the 2-week "mini Kamp" to introduce newcomers. From what I have seen (on the website), read (in her terse letters) and heard (during an all-to-brief call), she is having an absolutely wonderful time. Although I had no doubts about Kamp, my wife was a bit concerned at first about leaving Meg in the woods of Maine. At this point, there is no question -- Meg has already said she wants to go for the full month next year. I hope she draws from it the rich, formative experiences you found. All the best, -Scott Ps. - Mike -- Sorry! Didn't mean to post on your blog.


Hmmm...White Hut....

When I was a kid I thought Massachusetts should move the state capital to Worcester. I still think it would be a good idea.


Wow...#9! I thought I was the only hotel-freak in this world! I wouldn't even own a house if I could afford to live in hotels! I'd love to have a job that required frequent hotel stays. Is there such a job as a Hotel Tester? LOL, That would be my dream job! ;)


What a great list! Thanks for brightening my day!


I spent the best summers of my life at Kamp Kohut from 1970-1974. The Kamp fell on hard times during the 1980's, but has rebounded nicely as a 4 week co-ed Kamp (when I attended it was 8 week and all boys). I've recently started visiting on an annual basis with my now 5 year old.

john jansen

1968 the best yr in musical history.......in fact time stood still and it is still 1968 for me.....................separately, i grew up on long island and billy joel's band played at my senior prom in june 1968.......he had the best band on the island that year...and yes he needs to learn when he shouldnt get behind the wheeel.......

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